Meditation 101

First of all lets get a few things straight. Meditation is not a religion or Philosophy it’s a practice. So stop judging…lol! I believe a day will soon come when the hippy dippy stereotypes of meditation will be replaced by scientific evidence and the benefits of meditation. Meditation will become part of every human beings daily routine like brushing your teeth or combing your hair. The science and results are just too compelling to be ignored. From reducing anxiety and depression to lowering blood pressure, cholesterol and increasing the immune system. Meditation is a force to be reckoned with. We function at higher levels when we meditate regularly.

My story… 

I began to meditation in 2010. I begun after suffering for years from concussions I received while playing in the NFL for 7 years. My brain injuries had taken a toll on me. So I began to look for help. I was introduced to meditation and I thought It sounded weird, but I am a bit crazy and weird and I was desperate for help. So I gave it a go. Soon after I began the practice of meditation I felt the results. Prior to meditating I had classic foggy head and post concussion related symptoms. After a short period of time of regular meditation my brain started to transform and my symptoms lessened. It was a miracle. Nothing had worked, but meditation worked! I was hooked. It’s now been 7 years since I first meditated. My life has transformed.  It’s part of my daily life. It’s like brushing my teeth.It’s a no brainer. No pun intended. Seriously though meditation is legit! 

So how do you meditate if you have never tried? 

1. The Goal of Meditation is to reach the true source of being...Um what is that? Lol! 

Ok let’s just Start out nice and easy.

Sit upright on an Awaken Cushion in a comfortable relaxed seated position. With your legs crossed or in lotus position like the beautiful women in the photo.

2.  Set a timer for 20 minutes and Breathe for 30 seconds. Just sit, relax and allow your mind to calm. Don’t focus on anything just breathe. Never mind what’s on TV, etc… you can think about that later! Lol…you can do this! The timer I use is free called insight timer. When the time begins you may want to use one of several techniques to meditate. Lets go through a few basic Meditations...

A. Focused: Focus on your breath, a textile or a bodily sensation. The key is to Focus on one thing. Every time you have a thought focus on that one thing like your breath or bodily sensation. 

B. Mindful:  Be mindful and present to the moment. Feel all your bodily sensation. Be here in this moment and just allow a non-focused attention on the present moment. As thoughts come don’t fight them, just allow them to pass in and out if your Brain like clouds in the sky. 

C. Mantra: “Mind Tool” or Mantra is a sound that you softly think over and over and say quieter and quieter until it’s a faint thought. You may find mantras online. You can use a simple mantra “so hum”. It means “I am” it’s the sound of our breathing.  But you may use any mantra you wish. is a good resource to learn from a teacher about personal mantras and the technique of using them.  The mantra should be thought softly and repeated until you reach deeper levels of meditation. The mantra should become a faint thought.

While meditating softly gaze with your eyes closed into the center of your eyebrows or your third eye chakra. Also keep the slightest smile on your face. A slight smile...easy does it.

3. Meditate for 10-20 minutes morning and night: 

The results of meditation will be best realized by a daily morning and evening routine. Try it for 30 days and you will see and feel the amazing benefits of meditation. I promise it’s worth it. Soon you will be addicted and this is a good addiction. So Enjoy…Your life will never be the same! Namaste my fellow newbies!