Our Philosophy

The Elephant: 

The White Elephant is used as our symbol of mental strength. At the beginning of ones practice the untamed mind is symbolized by a gray elephant who can run wild at any moment and destroy everything in its way. After practicing meditation and taming ones mind, the mind which is now tamed is symbolized by a White Elephant strong and powerful, who can be directed where ever one wishes and destroy all obstacles on its way. 

The Lotus Flower:

The Lotus Flower is used as our symbol of Transformation. The Lotus Flower is a beautiful transformation that takes place in the muddiest of waters. From the dirty water blooms the beautiful Lotus Flower. This is the way life is when we meditate and learn wisdom. We can be surrounded by dirt but through meditation and wisdom we transform into something beautiful. 

Meditation is and has been used for centuries by many cultures and its about time that it becomes a major part of every culture. Why? Simple because the world needs it. 


1. Mental Health: Reduces anxiety, depression, anger, confusion and allows us to develop a greater capacity to think clearly and have increased efficency in work, home and relationships. 

2. Physical Health: Increases blood flow, slows heart rate, lowers cholestrol and blood pressure, lowers pain, inhances immune system and increases energy. 

3. Spiritual Health: A progressive silencing of the mind that sifts out the the non-infinite side of life, revealing the infinite side of life, in which peace, balance and wellbeing come naturally.